Basilica da Estrela - Lisbon

Basilica da Estrela


The Estrela neighbourhood is often left out of the typical routes of Lisbon due to distance or lack of time. Actually, neither one nor the other is an excuse to stop visiting it, because it is relatively close to the Barrio Alto (the best way to get there is to take the tram 28 ).

The Estrela Basilica was built by order of Queen Maria I, who had promised to erect a church if she gave birth to an heir to the throne. Thus began the works of this basilica (which fortunately lasted longer than the aforementioned heir, since he died before it was finished building).

With its large dome, the Basilica da Estrela is one of the most important religious buildings in Lisbon.

The project was started in 1779 by Mateus Vicente de Oliveira, architect of the Queluz Palace. After his death, the architects of the School of Mafra retook it, which gave a twist to the style of this church, which in its first version was much more austere than what we see today.

The result? A basilica of neoclassical style, with some elements typical of the Baroque.

The Basilica of Estrela draws attention from the outside because of its monumentality, but its interior is no less interesting: decorated in marbles of colours, the light that filters through the dome gives the whole an almost spooky air.

Inside the basilica, we will find the tomb of María I, its architect, and a representation of the birth of Jesus, the work of Machado de Castro and composed of more than 500 figures made of cork and terracotta.


Address: Largo da Estrela, 1200 667, Lisbon

Entrance Free

Dome - 4 € 

Food - No - Near By

Tram - 25 - 28

Street Parking - Yes

Car Park - Yes

Praça da Estrela, 1200-667 Lisboa

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