Belém Tower - Lisbon

Belém Tower - Torre de Belém


The Belém Tower is located in Ajuda-Belém area and is an example of Manueline architecture. This building represents a time of financial expansion of the sixteenth century, resulting from trade in the Indian Ocean. At this stage, monarchs began to value and support science and the arts even more, with D. Manuel I being particularly attentive and one of the greatest sponsors.
The Tower was built between 1514 and 1520 and served to defend the bar of Lisbon. For this purpose, it had two distinct buildings, with a military purpose: a keep and a bulwark that allowed more far-reaching shots.
Outside the building is the image of a rhinoceros which is said to have been inspired by an offer of the animal (which came from India by boat), by the King of Cambay to King D. Manuel I. His arrival left the city in dusty, since, it is known, it was the first rhinoceros alive on European soil since the third century. The rhinoceros arrived in 1514, but a year later the Portuguese king was offering it to the Pope. The animal did not survive the wreck of the boat where it followed, but the king decided to impale it and offer it in the same to the head of State of the Vatican.
On the south façade, facing the Tagus River is the royal shield of D. Manuel I. Inside the Tower you can visit the Governador Room, the Sala dos Reis, the Audience Hall and the Chapel. At the top is the Tower terrace overlooking the Tagus River, gardens, Belém Cultural Center and Jerónimos Monastery.

The Torre de Belém is a UNESCO World Heritage List and reflects the splendour of Portugal when it occupied a high place among the world powers and discovered the world by the seas.


Next door you will find the Colonial War Monument.

Entrance Fee Adults 6€

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