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The Fork
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Cervejaria Ramiro


Address: Av. Alm. Reis nº1 - H 1150-007 Lisbon Tel. +351 21 885 1024


In the basement, you can find the shellfish tanks were we can keep it alive in the best conditions for consuming.

The entrance floor is it you could find the house ex-libris the thematic tails of the most prestigious "Widow Lamego" producer.

Also, you can see the panting of the founder Mr Ramiro made it for the painter " Gonçalo Jordão"  and the sculpture of "Filipe Curado".

The entrance floor is the busiest and you can see alive all the frenzy team running side by side bring the fresh beer, the famous shrimps on the garlic sauce, the ham or the famous Ramiro desert "nail".

The Food Temple.jpg

The Food Temple

Address: Beco do Jasmim 18, 1100-289 Lisbon Tel. +351 21 887 4397

I have had the pleasure to experience many different aspects of food and its role in our lives... The obvious is that I have eaten it. As a chef, I get to cook and play with it. I have also enjoyed cultivating and harvesting it. Furthermore, I have learned a great deal about the many healing benefits that different foods offer us. The greatest joy for me, however, is the role that food plays in our lives, socially and culturally. 

Food is one of the most basic elements that we need in our lives, and this is something that will always be a commonality for us no matter where we come from. For this, we can't deny that it is a special gift that brings us as a people together. So hey, why not enjoy that? For anyone who has had the experience, will know that the best meal to be had is not only delicious but is also one that is lovingly shared with the warm company. (Let's have more of that!) And this project is all about how we can bring more people together to enjoy food in all of its forms and colours. Needless to say, I am more than open to any suggestions you may have to make this happen :)


Fortaleza do Guincho

Address: R. Figueira do Guincho 2750-642 Cascais  Tel. +351 21 487 0491

Acclaimed Chef Antoine Westermann introduced in 1998 a French fine dining restaurant concept, which quickly became a reference in Portugal.
Originally with a classic French concept, since summer 2015, the Portuguese products and traditions have been gaining prominence at Fortaleza do Guincho.

His philosophy is based on and inspired by the Atlantic, the background setting of the Hotel. The best fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast, as well as highest quality of local and national products, are a constant on the Guincho table, honoured and created in every dish, every season, recognized by national and international press and critics.

In 2001 the restaurant received a 1*Michelin, held until today.


À Margem

Address: Doca do Bom Sucesso 1400-038 Lisbon Tel. +351 918 620 032

The Espaço Margin opens to the public on July 2, 2006. It was built from the ground up where two kiosks, also owned by the current partners Pedro Vaz and Tiago Gamboa, existed since the year 2000. The idea was to create an eclectic space, which is always open and where anyone can eat and drink at any time while enjoying the proximity to the river and the view. The menu is varied and made from fresh produce. Snacks, hot dishes, salads, rusks, authentic wines, artisanal beer and natural juices are some of the products that you can enjoy here.

Doca Peixe.jpg

Restaurante Doca Peixe​

Address: Doca Santo Amaro, Armazém 14 1350-353 Lisbon​ Tel. +351 21 397 3565

Doca Peixe owes its name to its location as well as its speciality: fish bought fresh from the fish market.

On coming in, you may choose straightaway the fresh fish or shellfish of your preference, which will be weighed and prepared to your taste: charcoal-grilled, cooked in salt, cooked in the oven, etc.

You may also opt for any of the other specialities of Doca Peixe, such as Cod Delight with Clams and Coriander, Octopus ‘Lagareiro’ Style, Codfish with Maize Bread and Sprouts, Shellfish Parillada, etc. Or, if you are more land than sea inclined, we suggest our succulent Sirloin Steaks.

Visit us soon and enjoy the location, the tastes and the ambience, at once sophisticated and informal, of Doca Peixe – arguably the best fish restaurant in the whole of Lisbon.



Address: R. Latino Coelho 1 1069-025 Lisbon ​Tel. +351 21 312 0000

Dining from Lisbon's Highest View


Located on the top floor of the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa, the Panorama Restaurant offers a selection of culinary experiences, combining traditional Portuguese cuisine with a touch of urban flavour, in a sophisticated atmosphere, while offering the breathtaking views of the vibrant city.


Restaurante Eleven

Address: Rua Marquês da Fronteira Jardim Amália Rodrigues, Lisboa  Tel. +351 21 386 2211


The restaurant is located in the heart of Lisbon’s business district, overlooking the entire city and surrounded by lush gardens. More than simply a restaurant, Eleven is a place of culture and art, both at the table and beyond it.

The architecture of the purpose-built building is modern, minimalist and organic, using natural materials like wood and decorative stones, and boasting enormous glass windows that open towards Lisbon and the river Tagus. The restaurant witnesses metamorphosis during the day as it adapts to the changing effect of the outside light and the views over Lisbon.

Drapes, candles, soft lights, music…. all is transformed to create an atmosphere that is vibrant during the day and intimate at night.



Address: Rua Escola Politécnica, 27 1200-100 Lisbon ​Tel. +351 21 346 0633

cooking inspiring by the sea

Expect everything other than the obvious. New combinations of textures and flavours will reveal a new approach to Portuguese fish and seafood.

discover new flavours

Diogo Noronha created a pioneering concept and his team has embraced the challenge:
to surprise from the very first moment.


Brasserie Rossio

Address: R. 1º de Dezembro 120 1200-360 Lisbon  Tel. +351 210 440 013


Situated on the Rossio rooftop, the Restaurant and Bar offers the best views of Lisbon. Open all day from 07.00am to 00.00am, you can start with a breakfast selection, a business lunch, a light snack, a romantic dinner or you can just have a drink.
On warmer days enjoy the wonderful sunny terrace with stunning views across Avenida da Liberdade, this stylish space is rapidly becoming the hot spot for those who want to feel the real Lisbon's Soul.

In this refined and modern atmosphere, where we have tried to preserve the character of the building, you can see the original (azulejo) tile panels depicting Lisbon before the earthquake, dating back to the period of El Rey Dom Afonso Henriques (1109-1185), the first king of Portugal, giving it an elegance and refinement through the use of materials such as stone, brass and glass. 



Address: Av. da Liberdade 182-184 1250-146 Lisbon  Tel. +351 21 936 9900


Yes, there is a dinosaur.
But rest assured, everything else is contemporary.

Comfort artisan food meets an open kitchen with a bold taste and clever twists.


Timeless gastronomic choices with a fashion conscience.



Address: Largo de São Carlos 10 1200-410 Lisbon  Tel. +351 21 342 0607


Distinguished with two Michelin stars, Belcanto opened in 1958, in Chiado. Its privileged location in Lisbon’s historical centre, its discrete service and cuisine quickly won over the capital’s elites. José Avillez’s Belcanto opened in the beginning of 2012, totally refurbished. In that same year, it was awarded a Michelin star, and, in 2014, it received a second one, making it the first restaurant in Lisbon to have this honour. In 2015, Belcanto was elected one of the best 100 restaurants in the world by the prestigious “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List”. At Belcanto, José Avillez invites us on an incomparable gastronomic and sensory journey. Here, he offers a revisited Portuguese cuisine to an exclusive set of ten tables in a sophisticated atmosphere that makes us travel from the old romantic Chiado to the future.