Neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique

Take tram 28 or 25 to Campo de Ourique, one of the most emblematic districts of Lisbon. It's a neighbourhood with a special identity, tradition and at the same time a sprinkle of modernity.

You can visit on foot because it is flat and everything there is at walking distance. Defined by its residential and small commercial character, Campo de Ourique is one of the few areas of Lisbon that managed to survive the phenomenon of large commercial areas. People come to shop because they find variety, quality, exclusivity and always good service.

But Campo de Ourique has a well-hidden secret: its gastronomy, visible in the many and excellent restaurants, pastries, markets, groceries, delicatessens. In recent years Campo de Ourique became one of the most important gastronomic destinations of the city. Have a look at the old market turned gourmet restaurant court while maintaining the old fruit, vegetables, meat and fish stalls around it.

If you fancy literature and poetry - or maybe you even took a selfie with the statue of great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa in Baixa - head to the house he used to live in, right in this neighbourhood, Casa Fernando Pessoa in Rua Coelho da Rocha 16. Old manuscripts, lectures, a nice café and even guided tours in English await you in this little oasis.



Looking For A Great Hotel In Campo de Ourique

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