Champalimaud Foundation

Fundação Champalimaud

Centre for the Unknown

Discover one of the most futuristic and remarkable buildings in Lisbon, facing right onto the Tagus. Between the traditional old Torre de Belém and the symbol of seafaring toil that is the Doca de Pedrouços you’ll find the Champalimaud Foundation. Also known as the Centre of Research for the Unknown, the building is as innovative and important as the biomedical research performed inside. You can visit the gardens and open-air amphitheatre, sit in the magnificent Darwin’s café and appreciate the view as countless scientists and researchers work on neurosciences and cancer research. The building, designed by architect Charles Correa, seeks to raise architecture to the level of sculpture, sculpture to the level of beauty and beauty to the level of therapy – in order to honour the centre’s work. Head off into the unknown at this unique place in Lisbon.

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Champalimaud Foundation

Entrance Free

Food - Café - Restaurant

Train - Alges 1 km walk

Trams - 15​ 1.5 km walk

Street Parking - Yes But Little

Car Park - Paid

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