Neighbourhood of Chiado

The Chiado area is a central, sophisticated neighbourhood of Lisbon. Although it became a main tourist attraction these days, is still maintains that old-style, noble atmosphere that takes us back to the times when chic ladies went shopping or meeting for tea, or when intellectual and political circles sat down in the Art Deco cafés to discuss and influence the ways of the country.


It is also an important commercial area, somewhat more select than Baixa itself. Its main axis is the Rua Garrett and around it, we can find elegant traditional shops, old bookstores, boutiques of well-known designers and the crowded Armazens do Chiado, with shops, café, restaurants and bookshops.


Around Chiado you will find some of Lisbon's famous funiculars. One of these elevators is the Santa Justa Elevator, a tower built in 1902, with a 45 meters high viewpoint, linking the Baixa and the Chiado neighbourhoods. This tower was designed by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, a pupil of Eiffel. It also connects Rua de Santa Justa with the Convento do Carmo, which is intentionally in ruins since the 1755 earthquake and displays the best sample of Gothic in Lisbon. At the top of the elevator, enjoy great views over Lisbon.

A free alternative to the elevator is to use the escalator of the Baixa-Chiado metro station, it is less impressive but it sure saves a lot of work.

Crossing Rua do Carmo we will enter the Chiado neighbourhood, where three churches wait for our visit: Nossa Senhora do LoretoNossa Senhora da Encarnação and Nossa Senhora dos Mártires. Don't miss the national Opera House at Teatro de São Carlos, a beautiful neoclassical building where you may wish to attend opera performances or concerts.

Also visit the Museum of Chiado, which contains a good selection of Portuguese art of the twentieth century, as well as some sculptures by Rodin.


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