Stylish Estoril

Estoril is a world-famous casino and beach resort that used to be a favourite hideout of kings and spies alike and is today a cosmopolitan holiday destination offering great beaches, splendid gastronomy, spa and wellness clubs and nearby golf courses.

Get there by taking a half-hour train ride in Lisbon from Cais do Sodré station. The train station is next to the beach and has bars, restaurants, a long boardwalk and in the summer months beds and umbrellas to rent. Near the station, in the nearby park is the Tourist Office where we can get a local map and the information we need.

It is a town with rich mansions and luxury hotels that manage to maintain its luxurious style.

One main feature of Estoril is its Grand Casino, which features not just the usual gambling sites but also shops, night shows and concerts, and even an art gallery. Opens from 3pm to 3am daily.

The Casino is at one end of Estoril Park, a very well-kept park with beautiful fountains and charming restaurants.

The best beach in Estoril is called Praia do Tamariz. It is located in front of the beautiful gardens of the Casino, bordered by impressive mansions and resort hotels.

Estoril gets its old world fame not just from the Casino, but also from being a luxury spa resort for healing and relaxing treatments. And, of course, the traditional Hotel Palacio, which was featured in James Bond's film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".  


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