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Fado Shows in Lisbon

Going to Portugal and not attending a good fado show in Lisbon is the same thing as going to Buenos Aires and not seeing a tango show.

 So, even if you do not know anything about this type of music or if you do not feel much affinity, we highly recommend watching a fado performance at a Lisbon house.


Nominated immaterial heritage of humanity by UNESCO, fado is a symbol of Portuguese culture and popular music, with its sad and homesick airs. There are several places to see a good evening live fado show in Lisbon. Among them are Casa de Fado, a restaurant and bar that is one of the most famous fado houses in Portugal (reservation required). Casa de Fado is located in Baixa, at Rua São João da Praça, 86. Another famous fado house is "Senhor Vinho", a restaurant which serves great Portuguese cuisine with the best wines, while offering some of the best fado performances in town. It is locted in Rua do Meio à Lapa, 18.

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