Kiosk Cafes in Lisbon

Lisbon Kiosks - Quiosques

Lisbon offers a variety of traditional kiosk cafés (Quiosques in Portuguese) if you want to sit outside and have a coffee, chill to a great view or simply watch people passing by. They are a striking feature of the city. Inviting and casual, they are placed strategically in parks, squares, by the riverside and other key spots for passersby and residents to get social while enjoying the sun and the view. They look like a kind of gazebo, usually painted in green, and they sell drinks and snacks to go or to enjoy in their terrace-style seating.

There are so many nice kiosks that you are truly lost for choice. Try the one in Ribeira das Naus, located by the river and very close to the Cais do Sodré railway station, a perfect place to enjoy the riverside and a great view of the bridge. Or head up the street to the one located in Praça Luís de Camões, one of the oldest in the city, just a short walk from the Chiado shopping district and not far from the bohemian night life district of Bairro Alto.

Some kiosks offer the popular cherry liqueur “Ginjinha”, perfect for the brave and bold among you.