Lisbon National Pantheon


Lisbon National Pantheon has absolutely stunning architecture, especially if you are into marble patterns and gorgeous domed ceilings. 

This is the former church of Santa Engrácia, now the National Pantheon, an impressive resting place for Portuguese historical personalities, from Amália Rodrigues, the much-loved Queen of Fado, with her tomb surrounded by flowers brought by her crowd of nostalgic fans, to former kings, presidents and writers, including the cenotaphs of Luís de Camões, Portugal’s greatest epic poet, navigator and explorer Vasco de Gama who made it all the way to India on a sailing boat in late 15th century, and Pedro Álvares Cabral, the man who navigated all the way to Brazil in year 1500. 

But the National Pantheon has a lot more to offer. Don’t miss the fabulous dome and the floor-to-ceiling marble in patterns of gold, grey, pink and black, and make sure you climb the steps all the way to the dome’s balcony to admire a splendid bird’s eye view of the patterned marble floor. Then head to the rooftop for 360º amazing views of Lisbon and the River Tagus. It’s definitely worth the climb. 

Open from 10 am to 5 pm (6 pm from May to September) every day except Mondays and some holidays. Entrance 4 euros, free on Sundays until 2 pm or at any time with the Lisbon Card.


Entrance 5

Food - Near Buy

Tram - 28

Parking Yes

Closed - Mondays and Holidays

National Pantheon / Church of Santa Engrácia, Campo de Santa Clara,

1100 - 471 Lisbon 

Campo de Santa Clara, 1100-471 Lisboa

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