Lisbon's Iconic Yellow Trams

Lisbon's Yellow Trams

Much like the Red Busses of London or the Yellow Taxi Cabs of Manhatten, the Yellow Trams of Lisbon are an Iconic and colourful feature of the Landscape.

The tram is one of the best means of transport for trips in Lisbon and at the same time for a touristic visit. 


It is part of the experience of visiting the Portuguese capital. When you hear the characteristic sound of their bells and watch them go by with their traditional yellow colour, there is no one who can resist a little tour.


There are many things we can do in Lisbon, such as enjoying a traditional fado, eating the equally traditional pastels of Belém and climbing the hillsides of the city aboard the legendary yellow cable cars, the Lisbon Trams, which run through the most beautiful corners of the city. Linking the downtown to the upper district and going to the distant neighbourhood of Belém and Algés, already outside the city of Lisbon.

The trams that circulate today through the city were manufactured between 1936 and 1947, the oldest ones are running 80 years ago. The company responsible for the trams of Lisbon reformed all of them in the 90s and maintains a constant work of conservation of both trams and lines.

In the 1990s, new electric and articulated vehicles began to circulate on the line that leaves Praça da Figueira and goes to Algés but still divides the space with the old trams.

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