Lisbon Zoo

Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa

The Lisbon Zoo is a great place to meet and pass the time. It was inaugurated in 1844 and was the first park of the Iberian Peninsula with fauna and flora. Many animals came from Africa and Brazil, contributing to the Lisbon Zoo having a vast collection of animals and very diversified. Besides being a cool place to spend the day and get to know a little more of nature, it is a great attraction for those who travel with children, who always love to know the animals and stroll through the parks. 

The Lisbon Zoo takes an active role in the conservation and protection of nature, and with the improvement of facilities over the years, has managed to raise the birth rate of animals. The park has about 2000 animals, divided into approximately 330 species. The Zoo also has a Veterinary Hospital which was considered the best in Europe by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, as well as a Pet Hotel. Among the presentations that are in the zoo, all included in the ticket, you will find: presentation of Dolphins, Birds in Flight, presentation of reptiles (in the summer), Pelicans, Temple of the Primates and Valley of the Tigers. There is also a cable car, a zoo train and a small farm, where children have more contact with domestic animals.​



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Est. de Benfica, 158/160

1549-004 - Lisbon

Entrance Paid € 22

Food - Yes

Metro - Jardim Zoológico

Train - Sete Rios

Car Park - Paid Near By

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