Pink Street Lisbon

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Pink Street - Rua Nova do Carvalho

Rua Nova do Carvalho is now the place to head to for a night out or if you are after a bite to eat during the day. It’s filled with bars and restaurants that you can work your way through and then dance the calories away at night. The area also welcomes families with kids as it is lined with restaurants that fill the patios. But at night this place comes truly alive. The streets go from a tame instagrammable Pink Street to people-filled bar-hopping lanes. Bars and clubs here are open from early evening until 3am and some until 6am, partying until the sun comes up.

Metro - Cais do Sodré

Trams - 18 - 15

Train Station - Cais do Sodré

Street Parking - Yes Paid But Little

Car Park - Near By Paid

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