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A Must See Shop In Lisbon

Casa Pereira da Conceição - Just Go Back In Time, To The Days Of YesterYear..

At Rua Augusta, 102, the street that connects the two main squares of the capital, Rossio and Comercio, the windows attract attention for the refinement and exoticism of the articles exhibited, especially the fan cluster, but not only. And with such an eclectic invitation to enter the store this does not disappoint the curious who venture there. It is part of the Stores with History of Lisbon, and its character is reinforced by the transformations and adaptations that it has witnessed.

From the shoe store in 1870, with Louis XVI style gray furniture known today, it went to a luxury confectionery, with an oven in the basement, to finally open the doors in 1933 as a fine grocery store. With four mills and two scales, it has in its drawers, behind the counters, teas and coffees of lots that satisfy the most demanding palate. But the offer extends to teapots, coffee makers, machines, crockery and assorted candies.

When the store was enlarged, well visible on the floor, the moth of the added furniture remained the same as the existing one with its flowers carved in wood.

It is a shop that expresses well the delicacy of the great ceremonies of tea.

It is a place that once visited is guarded as one of the places of reference that we enjoy knowing.

Mon-Fri 9.40 am - 1 pm / 3 pm - 7 pm

Sat 9.40 am - 1 pm

Casa Pereira da Conceição