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Amoreiras Shopping Center, an Icon of Lisbon.

A Girl's Gotta Shop.

And we all hold this truth to be self-evident, don't we guys?

In between enjoying other pleasures offered by Lisbon, from the museums’ treasures to the delicacies found in restaurants and cafés, one has to admit that Amoreiras Shopping Center, offering around 150 shops, both high-end and mainstream to match the likes of upper class and upper middle class, is The Temple of Shopping in Lisbon. It has proudly and unabashed held this position since the mid-eighties, now looking fresh and renovated. It is built in a different, modern architecture style and amidst luxury office buildings. Which is why you can take a lift all the way to the very top of the main building directly from the shopping centre, to enjoy a truly breathtaking 360º panoramic view of Lisbon, the Amoreiras 360º viewpoint (5 €) A few times a month you can also attend outdoor Yoga and Pilates classes in the rooftop terrace (book in advance on

In the shops of Amoreiras Shopping Center you will find a wide range of products and brands available to suit all budgets, from ready to wear to haute couture, as well as beautiful presents and souvenirs to take home from Your Lisbon Holiday. Go ahead and shop with no guilt!