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Yes, Your Lisbon Holiday can get even more original and that little bit crazier.

Head to the traditional Café A Brasileira in Largo do Chiado, in the very true heart of Lisbon’s old town, and start by admiring its indoor detailed Art Deco decoration, marble and woodwork and tiles and all. Then get a table in the outdoor café terrace, order a coffee or whatever you fancy and watch the world go by. Often you will be treated by street artists and musicians performing in the square.

Make sure you check out the bronze statue sitting outside at one of the tables. Meet Fernando Pessoa, a famous beloved Portuguese poet and former Brasileira patron, sitting at his favourite table, flashing that blasé, slightly world-tired look that branded his life and his poems, including when he was living through one of his other poet-personalities (Pessoa was famous for his multiple personality disorder, which resulted in multiple poet personas, all properly named and with very differentiated works, all of great quality).

Ever posed with a poet? This is your chance. Sit next to Pessoa for a photo op and strike a pose. This is the ultimate Selfie. Believe me.

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