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Night of the Floating Lanterns of Lisbon

The most luminous and magical event of this year is arriving in Lisbon. On Saturday, February 16 2019, at the Espaço Espelho d'Água in Lisbon by the river close to Monument to the Discoveries, will host the Floating Night Lisbon 2019. Hundreds of lanterns will float and light up the lake.

To participate in the event you have to buy your flashlight - you cannot take it from home, you even have to buy it online . The lanterns are limited, they work as tickets or reservations, cost € 10 and each can be launched by two people.

The organization is from We Are Happy from - All Cities Collection, which has held similar events in several world cities. The lanterns will not be placed in the river Tagus.

February 16 2019 5.30pm - 7.30pm

IMPORTANT: You cannot bring your own lanterns. They are not permitted.

The event is 100% environmentally responsible.