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There is a new bistro with dishes and snacks at Le Consulat - Hotel

Le Consulat was already bar, hotel, restaurant and gallery in the same space - but still not complete. Chef André Magalhães (Taberna Fina), who is partnering with Guilherme Spalk (who is in front of the team), sat us back at the table, this time in the hotel bar, and presented the most democratic menu to entertain the mouth while life is allowed to drink.

The address is the same, the cocktails, mocktails and wines remain as the reason for the house, but the incursion to the first floor of Le Consulat has gained new arguments. André Magalhães, the chef in charge of Taberna Fina, and Guilherme Spalk, the executive chef in charge of the team, extended the kitchen to the bar and the result is a bistro menu that crosses external influences and the best in Portugal, a simpler concept.