Queluz National Palace

Queluz National Palace

The Botanical Garden of the National Palace of Queluz


Visit the Queluz Palace in Sintra, one of the tourist attractions of the village and worth visiting for its history, construction and architecture in the middle of the mountains. Queluz Palace is 12 km from Lisbon, on the way to Sintra. It was initiative of D. Pedro IV, owner of Quinta de Queluz. The Palace of Queluz is one of the last great buildings of the rococo style still erected in Europe. If you are travelling to Lisbon and passing through Sintra, be sure to see the sights of Sintra and visit this huge and beautiful palace.


Entrance Palace & Gardens 10

Entrance Gardens 5

Food - Near Buy

Car - 25 min Drive​

Parking Yes

When: 9am - 5pm

Largo Palácio de Queluz, 2745-191 Queluz

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