Quinta da Regaleira - Sintra

Quinta da Regaleira



Visit Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, one of the most beautiful, original and mysterious places in the Sintra Mountains, which is worth a visit. Within the Quinta da Regaleira, there is the Regaleira Palace, which is also known as this tourist spot. The palace was built by Antonio Carvalho Monteiro, who in his honour also earned the name of Monteiro Palace of the Millions. If you are going to travel to Portugal, make a car trip around the country and stop in Sintra to get to know Quinta da Regaleira and the other sights of Sintra.

The space already existed since before 1697, the year in which Jose Leite was the owner of a large property, which today is part of the Quinta da Regaleira. Later, Francisco de Castro bought the property by public auction and channelled some of the mountain water to feed the existing fountain. The Quinta passed through other owners until, in 1892, Antonio Carvalho Monteiro bought the property and began to build the Palace, fountains, sculptures and gardens, until 1910. In 1949, the Quinta was sold again to Waldemar d'Orey, who made reforms to the entire space and keeping the property in the possession of his family until the for sale in 1988. Finally, in 1997, the prefecture of Sintra decided to acquire this patrimony.


The farm has a woodland that occupies most of the farm's acres, disposed in an orderly and careful manner and becoming wilder as the terrain rises, reflecting Monteiro's belief in primitivism. There is also the Porch of the Gods, composed of nine statues of Greek and Roman gods. And perhaps the most surprising thing to those who visit Quinta da Regaleira is the initiatory well, a large subterranean gallery with a spiral staircase leading to a well. The staircase with nine steps are separated by 15 steps, invoking the nine circles of Dante's hell in the divine comedy. The well is initiatory because it is believed to be used in rituals of Freemasonry, and the nine levels symbolize the concept of the Rosicrucian of the Cosmos.



Address: R. Barbosa du Bocage 5, 2710-567 Sintra

Entrance 5 €

Street Parking - No

Car Park - Yes, Little

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