Tour Of Fatima

Things To Do

See what tours you can do in Fatima. The city of Fátima lies in the centre of the country, very close to the capital, Lisbon, and is a very visited and tourist place. This tourism is due to the strong religious appeal that the city has, after all, it was in it that the Virgin of Fatima appeared in 1917. Since then, and due to the various apparitions and other events of the same style, Fatima became a city of pilgrimage, where every year the faithful make promises and where tourists end up feeling attracted to know. Although there are not many different activities and unique tours, since it is a small town and its biggest attraction is the Sanctuary, there are some hiking tips that are worth noting.

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Tour of the Sanctuary of Fatima

The Sanctuary of Fatima is the largest tourist spot in the city and one of the largest Catholic pilgrimage places in Europe, receiving around 6 million visitors a year. In the sanctuary is the Basilica of the Holy Trinity and the Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima. Besides these two great times, which are the main ones of the Sanctuary, there are chapels and other important rooms. Take a day walking around this sanctuary because it is very large and full of details.

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Tour of the Fatima Museums

In Fatima, there are some museums and galleries that are worth the visit. Like the rest of monuments, the Fatima museums are dedicated to telling and preserving the city's religious history. There is a wax museum, a sacred art museum, a museum on the life of Jesus and a museum detailing the apparitions of the Virgin of Fatima. It's a cool ride to do and different from what most tourists do when they go to Fatima.