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The Fork

We know, it looks like in Lisbon it's all about the meat and the fish.

Not necessarily. Lisbon's chefs are inclusive, go for sustainability and imagination is their middle name. Enjoy some superb vegetarian food during Your Lisbon Holiday and have a look at our suggestions.

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The Green Affair


Metro - Saldanha​

Paid Parking

Address - Avenida Duque d'Ávila, 32A, Lisbon

From starters to dishes, there is no suggestion in The Green Affair that has meat or fish. The new healthy space is in Avenida Duque D'Ávila is 100% vegetable. Here you can find only vegan and vegetarian options. It has been open since the end of June. To begin with, it has beetroot and avocado tartar (€ 4.95), cauliflower wings with panko, spicy sauce and tartar (€ 5.95) and hummus of grain and sweet potato (€ 2.95). Already in the main dishes is a bowl of quinoa with vegetables and peanuts (€ 7.95), the linguini with a pesto of cress and basil, mushrooms and walnuts (7.25 €), the tofu sidelined with cornbread and vegetable puree, or the risotto of mushrooms and asparagus (€ 7.95). 

Miss Saigon


Metro - Parque das Nações

Paid Parking

Address - Avenida Boa Esperança, 4C 
1990-043 Lisbon
Tel:  (+351) 21 099 6589

The name is inspired by the well-known work of Puccini and the menu offers flavours from various parts of the world, living up to the space where it is - Parque das Nações. 
Miss Saigon opened doors in 2009 and almost a decade later continues to give letters when it comes to vegetarian food in the capital. The dishes presented are multicultural, seeking inspiration from the East to the West.

Get ready to sample at Miss Saigon where spices and herbs reign supreme, in a true sense-awakening.

O Botanista


Metro - Cais do Sodré

Tram - 15 - 18

Paid Parking

Address - Rua Dom Luís I, 19, 1200-066, Lisbon

Vegan and vegetarian. In the new Botanista, that opened in the Cais do Sodré, do not enter options of meat or fish. It has a concept of a kind of brunch all day long. You can arrive in the morning and order a sautéed with brown rice, grilled vegetables and Asian sauce (8 €); a noddles of rice with truffled mango curry (€ 9.50); or a sweet potato yakisoba with peppers (€ 8). The goal was to demystify the maxim that vegans and vegetarians only eat salads. It started out to be a challenge, but turned out to be a very creative kitchen that they present in the new space. Desserts that are sweetened with natural sugars such as agave, dates and coconut. Try the chocolate mousse with passion fruit and mango (€ 4), lemon tart with thyme (€ 4.50) and peaches roasted with crumble and homemade ice cream (€ 4.20).

Os Tibetanos

Metro - Avenida

Paid Parking

Address - Rua do Salitre, 117 | 1250-198 Lisbon

Tel:  (+351) 213142038

The Tibetans was the first vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon, counting with more than 35 years of existence. Located on Rua do Salitre, the ingredients are worked according to several oriental cuisines.

From tofu in the oven or wrapped in mango curry to the traditional momos of Tibet, the letter from The Tibetans is well composed and always invites a new visit.

The space itself leads to a trip to the East. From the famous inner courtyard, go upstairs where there is a Buddhist temple and school, including a yoga and meditation centre. At the entrance of The Tibetans is a shop where you will find various Tibetan articles, books, tea and incense.



Metro - Avenida

Paid Parking

Address - Alameda St António Capuchos,
1150-314 Lisbon 

About 15 years ago, the Dalai Lama was in Lisbon and, among a full agenda, he took the time to inaugurate the small garden that surrounds the PSI. 

The relaxed atmosphere of this small park, where there is a waterfall and a lake, give the motto for the gastronomic experience offered by this vegetarian restaurant.

PSI tables dominate Indian, Thai and even Italian influences. Vegans and fans of gluten-free also have here a safe haven.

Jardim dos Sentidos


Metro - Avenida

Paid Parking

Address - R. da Mãe de Água 3, 1250-154 Lisbon

Tel:  (+351) 213 423 670

In Rua da Mãe de Água, next to Avenida da Liberdade, Jardim dos Sentidos stands for food as "one of the basic pillars for the growth of human consciousness". The truth is that the flavours served at this restaurant have long won over vegetarians and made the mouth water. 
Around here, the ingredients are worked by their textures, aromas and colours, and presented in a buffet or à la carte. 
And because not only the food lives the spirit, the Garden of the Senses also offers zen therapies and experiences, an innovative concept when it appeared and today is followed by many.