Where To See Dolphins

Dolphins are concentrated in certain points of the Portuguese coast and, when sighted, they offer great emotions.

The estuary of Sado and the Algarve coast are privileged areas for dolphin watching. 

The intelligence and sympathy of these mammals make it one of the species most appreciated by kids and adults. Therefore, it is no wonder that in you will find in those regions tourist companies that offer boat trips along the coast for dolphin watching. 


Roazes do Sado

The Common Bottlenose Dolphin - Tursiops Truncatos. You may not know it, but this is the scientific name for the species of dolphins that inhabit the Sado Estuary. It is one of the 32 existing species and goes by the Portuguese name of Roaz-Corvineiro. The designation comes from the fact that they nibble at fishermen's nets in search of their favourite fish. 

The community of roazes living in Sado is the only resident in Portugal and one of the three existing throughout Europe. The characteristics of the place and the richness of food made them settle there several decades ago. 


Currently, the number of roazes living in the Sado Estuary is around 30, three of which were born in 2017. They are duly monitored and accompanied by a team from the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve in order to keep this important mammal community protected. 


Feathers & Scales

Ecco Ocean



By the Algarve

The probability of seeing dolphins on a trip along the Algarve coast is high, but these do not inhabit here. They are circulating in the water in search of higher temperatures and places with more quantity (and quality) of food. 
However, in the areas of Sagres, Olhão or Faro it is possible to observe the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis). 

The best way to observe dolphins is to take a boat trip along the coast, taking advantage of the magnificent rock formations.